Jury considers verdict in final bodies in the George Zimmerman case on March 25. (Brett Ferris/Reuters)

It is unclear whether the jury decided all 14 counts against Zimmerman. The charges — for second-degree murder, first-degree assault and manslaughter — have not been filed and are subject to appeals. The jury in the jury’s바카라사이트 first trial, a civil trial in 2012, ruled Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin by shooting him seven times while walking home in 2013.

But Zimmerman, after watching the trial in the Florida media-watching room, seemed certain the jury believed the 17-year-old black man was armed. „I felt like they were going to convict me,“ he said in May 2014. The verdict seemed to persuade him.

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A civil-rights organization filed a civil-rights lawsuit that year, charging that the county had discriminated against Zimmerman and the others, including his girlfriend and their children, on the basis of race.

The family has sued the county in federal court four times.

It has yet to find out whether the jury will decide in the new case.

On Tuesday afternoon, the state attorney general’s office issued a statement:

„We welcome and support the jury’s decision in this case. Our investigation revealed some evidence supporting the state’s claims…. We will continue to work in collaboration with the state attorney general’s office to determine what, if any, change we may have to make.“

It is unclear if there will be a retrial in the case because the ju바카라dge had previously dismissed some of the charges against Zimmerman. But if there is a retrial, it will likely follow the pattern of the other seven in the case.

In the civil trial, Zimmerman and other defendants have argued they were victims of racial profiling, racial discrimination and racial oppression.

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He said he and Martin were attacked after he asked him whether they needed help at a carwash in Sanford, the small Florida town where he was a police officer when he shot and killed the 17-year-old on Feb. 26, 2012.

A black man had asked Zimmerman, „If you had a gun, would you help me get out of here?“ He shot the teen three times, including once in the back of the head and once in th