Womens pay falls under workchoices study

A study on gender-based pay inequality in India found women in the country’s private and public sectors earn a relatively low median earnings (based on a 2.5-month workweek), with male earners earning a high level of pay.

The study found that, after adjusting for income differences, women earn a median salary of Rs 3.72 lakh more than their male peers, who earned a median salary of Rs 3.71 lakh less than they.

Fo바카라r male private sector worker우리카지노s, the pay difference between women and men is equivalent to 17,000 rupees, according to the study.

But even for female workers, the gap shrinks to between 10,000 and 20,000 rupees, based on a 2.5-month workweek.

The study also found women in the private and public sector earn the most in the mining, agricultural, defence and civil services sectors and that men in these sectors earn roughly 35 per cent less on average.

The lowest paid workers are male defence engineers, men in the mining, agricultural and forestry industries, women in the construction, civil servicejarvees.coms, retail and public utilities sectors and men who have completed their undergraduate degrees, the report added.